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Commercial Incalf Heifer Trade of the Year at SAC Dispersal Sale

May 2022

The herd dispersal for PJ & SR Bennett of their commercial 8800kgs Holstein dairy herd at Sedgemoor Auction Centre drew successful purchasers from Cornwall to Welshpool.  The recent strong trade for fresh milk and autumn calving cows continued with April 2nd calvers at 2050gns and 4th calvers at 2000gns.  Heifers calving in at one year 11 months of age in March sold to 1950gns.  Cows in their second lactations, milking well and due again in August / September topped the day at 2120gns with others at 2080gns and 2020gns.  4th lactation cows due again in September sold to 2020gns.   Whereas November / December / January calved cows not back in calf were harder to place.

The trade of the day was without doubt the incalf heifers due August / September to the Holstein or Angus.  These strong heifers by NH Sunview Fantastic, Wiltor Drummer and Mr DDS Rubi-Haze produced the strongest incalf commercial heifer trade seen this year topping at 1800gns x2 with others at 1780gns, 1750gns x3.

31 successful purchasers both in the ring and on Marteye produced the following creditable averages:-
  Dairy Cows in milk and or in calf £1550.00
  Calved Heifers £1687.00
  Incalf Heifers £1790.00
  All Cattle sold including cows with faults £1466.00

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