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50 Lots at £2000+ for Tarischka Dispersal at Sedgemoor Auction Centre

February 2022

Richard & Denise Foot’s Dorset ‘Tarischka’ Herd Dispersal brought to an end three generations of dairy farming at Hawkins Farm. They moved the milking and incalf portion to Sedgemoor Auction Centre and were rewarded with the trade of the year to date when 50 sold for over £2000 to a top of £2520 x2.

The first two lots of the day sold for £2152.50 showing the quality of cattle on offer and setting the trade for the day. Fresh milk and autumn calving cows were in strongest demand with the February calved heifer ‘Tarischka Aladdin Cleo Red’ and the February calved 2nd calver ‘Tarischka Berlin Molly 2nd’ topping the day.

A January 2nd calver from the Bella family, a Jane Red January calved heifer and another of the much admired red and whites ‘Tweedledee Red’ due in May to her second all sold for £2467.50.

4th calvers sold to £2100, 5th calvers to £1764 and 6th calvers to £1344. With fresh 3/4rd 2nd calvers to 1680 gns and 1600 gns.
Incalf heifers calving at 2 years of age and due March sold to 1900 gns for ‘Tarischka Montana Cleo’ due to the Hereford, 1680 gns x2 for members of the Dilly and Dusty families and 1650 gns for ‘Tarischka Aladdin Harriet’, with April calvers to 1600gns and June calvers 1400 gns x2.

Successful purchasers from Dorset to Welshpool, Carmarthen and across the South West produced the following excellent averages with many more leaving empty handed:
144 Calved & Incalf Cows & Heifers £1782
  23 Incalf Heifers £1516
167 Head £1745

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