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GTH Standing Straw Sales 2022

July 2022

GTH Standing Straw Sales 2022

Greenslade Taylor Hunt’s Agricultural Department at Sedgemoor Auction Centre, reported a sizeable entry of 3,866 acres of standing straw being sold over two evenings by live auction.
Both evening auctions saw a large number of bids, both in person and through Marteye. The following averages were obtained at the sales:
  West of Taunton East of Taunton
Winter Barley  £75.88/acre £70.95/acre
Winter Wheat  £60.18/acre £65.34/acre
Winter Oats  £44.66/acre £61.50/acre
Spring Barley    £40.33/acre
Winter Oilseed Rape    £37.00/acre

All vendors were well rewarded for entering standing straw into the sales, with winter barley topping at £100/acre, winter wheat reaching £94/acre, winter oats reaching £84/acre and winter oilseed rape realising £44/acre.

Auctioneer Tom Mellor commented after the sales ‘’We all knew that standing straw prices were going to slide in 2022, the only thing we didn’t know was how much. It was evident that previous years purchasers still had carryover straw supplies so any ‘panic buying’ was a thing of the past and that was replaced by much more considered, steady bidding. Despite much lower levels being achieved, the overall clearance rates in the sales were very healthy and a real selling point of the auction system.’’

If any farmers are looking to see what the auction system can offer them next season they are welcome to contact Tom Mellor or Greenslade Taylor Hunt’s Agricultural Team to discuss matters.

Tel: 01278 410250 or

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