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Moving Home in the Colder Months

The benefits of the season

When considering to sell a property, most people look to the spring and summer months. Warmer weather, longer days, and more time to focus on the process, means this time of year can often lend itself to moving home.

But it also means that there is more competition which can result in house prices being pushed down, all-important moving services being booked up with long waiting lists, and a potential for less committed chains due to the amount of properties available.

That’s why you shouldn’t discount the autumn and winter for being a great time to sell. There are a wealth of reasons not to put off your move until next spring rolls about.

A major part of the process that often gets overlooked is the all-important moving day. Once contracts have been signed, the day comes around fast. Because of this, movers get booked up solidly through the busier months of spring and summer, making moving day even more stressful to organise. However, in the colder months you might find that you won’t have to fight to be able to book, giving you peace of mind.

Another consideration is that buyers hoping to move into their new home for Christmas are more likely to be committed to the sale, as pulling out could mean that they would miss being settled in time for the festive period. If they fall in love with your property, they are very likely to move mountains to make it happen. They can often be some of the quickest sales of the year because of this. Getting your home on the market in early Autumn is the perfect way to maxmise on this!

Following the Christmas run up, New Year is one of the most popular times for people to make the all-important decision to move, meaning January and February can be just as fruitful. If you're home is on the market ahead of the New Year, your property will be one of the first that these potential buyers will see, and you'll beat the rush of new-sellers scrambling to come to the market.

Richard Webber, Partner and Chairman at Greenslade Taylor Hunt’s notes: “Every year I’m encouraged by how many properties we sell during the autumn and winter months. It may not be the most traditional time to sell, but there are a number of benefits that get overlooked. It really is a a wonderful time to sell.”

Overall, deciding to move shouldn’t be based solely on the season. Every family has different motivators driving a decision to move, but if you are thinking about it, don’t let the time of year hold you back if now is the best time for you.

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