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Ten Tips to Saving Money when Moving Home

Whilst we're all aware of the costs associated with moving, not all of us will know the money saving solutions used by savvy sellers. These top tips will ease the stress of moving on yourself and your wallet, leaving you with more funds for decorating your new place.

1. Pack smart
Keeping your possessions safe when moving is a priority for us all, but it doesn’t have to be costly. Boxes aren’t the only option; washing baskets, bins and suitcases are all environmentally-friendly alternatives that you probably have lying around your home. Refrain from splashing out on bubble wrap and instead save up newspaper to protect those breakable valuables.
2. Recruit the troops
Hiring removal experts is the most sensible idea when moving, however, it isn’t always the cheapest option. Where possible, rely on people within your household, with recommendations or online referrals to find the removal firm that's right for your needs and budget.

3. Pick your days wisely
Don’t get caught out by extortionate peak pricing for removal firm bookings. Some companies may hike up their prices on weekends and bank holidays, so opting for a mid-week move can lower the costs significantly.

4. Prepare early
On your moving day, you'll already have enough stress to deal with overseeing the packing and unpacking of your property's contents, so you won't want to deal with any hidden costs that could have been avoided. Before setting off for your new home, it's worth thinking about where you'll park when you get there, and if you'll need any permits to park all day fine-free.

5. Conquer the DIY fear
The effects of Covid-19 has encouraged many of us to dabble in DIY, it's not for everyone, which could mean DIY-shy movers end up paying premium prices for professional help that could have been accomplished with a quick YouTube tutorial. From building flatpack furniture to fixing kitchen sinks, you'll be surprised at what you can do yourself, and how much that could save you.

6. Declutter as you go
Getting rid of items you no longer want or need could impact your quoted removals firm service, so bear that in mind before committing to a price, as some companies will price based on content quantity over time taken.

7. Refrain from a moving day takeaway
Takeaways are tempting at the best of times, so when you're unable to find your cutlery or utensils, you might find yourself reaching for the phone. If you're on a budget and want to stick to it, plan ahead and prepare meals that can be eaten at the end of a long day. Or if your temptations do give way, make sure you research local delivery options to avoid paying more than you anticipated.

8. Redirect your mail 
Not changing your mailing address can become an expensive pain going back and forth fetching letters addressed to your old house. For a small fee, you can get this changed for you. However, if you want to save the most money, you can do this manually by contacting the companies you know send you mail regularly, for example bills and pay slips as well as any online retail shops you frequently order from.

9. Swap to the cheapest utility providers
Although it's advisable to search around for the best providers all-year round, it's even more important following a move. You might find that your new area gives you access to better deals and rates, or that certain broadband providers perform slower / faster compared to your previous location. It will also save you the hassle of setting everything up only to decide to switch after a few weeks or months.

10. Frugal furnishings 
The goal to a successful move is to create liveable areas in your home until you've finished making it your own with home improvements and renovations. Don’t break the bank by rushing to purchase those finishing touches, as you'll find that adding to each room over time ensures each section of the house has purpose and character. For a second-hand find, try websites such as Freecycle or Gumtree – just make sure you're confident in what the sellers are offering before you pay them.

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