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Top tips for selling your home from our experts

Selling your house can be one of the most stressful and time consuming things you will ever have to face. With so much to do and think about, we thought we would make it that little bit easier and ask our resident experts for their top tips to ensure the process is as easy and quick as possible. Here’s what they told us:
  1. First impressions count 
    While it seems a little unfair, many buyers start to form opinions about a property as soon as they pull up outside. You need to make sure that first impressions are good so potential buyers aren’t mentally ‘totting’ up the costs of repair and updating before they even cross the threshold. This means making sure your house looks as good on the outside as it does inside. So freshen up the garden, tidy the path and paint the gate/fence/front door. Add some simple colour using flowers, tidy away bins where possible and make sure your windows and front door are clean and tidy.
  2. Declutter and fix 
    We are all guilty of having too much stuff and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, except when it comes to selling our homes. If you want to pull those viewers in and get them loving your space you need to consider how your house will look in the agent’s photos. Take time to go through each room and consider what needs to go or be stored. This will give the feeling of space and will be much more appealing. While it can be time consuming and potentially cost money, make sure any DIY jobs needing finishing are done; buyers will notice these unfinished jobs and it may put them off.
  3. Clear and Clean 
    A clean and clear house will do wonders for your selling appeal. Take the time to clean thoroughly and think about how you will keep on top of those cleaning jobs throughout the selling period. A clear house will also help, especially in high impact rooms like the bathroom and kitchen. Look at what you can remove off worktops and place into cupboards. This will give the impression of space and will appeal to buyers.
  4. Appeal to the senses
    It’s not always possible to achieve, but having a fresh pot of coffee brewing, freshly baked bread or some fresh flowers in a vase during viewings will appeal to buyer’s senses. While it’s just another little extra it helps to provide a sense of home.
  5. Stay neutral 
    Buyers like to imagine themselves in a house; they like to envisage their furniture and belongings and how they would live there. If you have rooms which are painted in bold colours this can be a little off-putting. So if you have time and the inclination, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your appeal. If repainting is not possible, try to ensure the walls and the decorations look neat and tidy.
  6. Tidy away the pets 
    While we may love our pets dearly, not all buyers feel the same. The thought of an animal in the house or the sight of stray pet hairs floating around might be off-putting. Where possible try and keep large pets confined to one room or kept out of the house during viewings and make sure you hoover away those hairs and hide the litter trays in advance.
  7. Be clear on the costs involved
    A lot of people don’t realise what costs are involved in selling. So before you put your house on the market think about what you will need to pay for. This include, decorating and DIY costs, stamp duty charges, removal costs and surveys. It can quickly add up, so be clear on what you might have to spend and make sure you have accounted for it.
  8. Get the right agent
    Choose your agent carefully. You need to pick an agent who not only knows and understands the market, but someone who can advise and support you. The sales process is complicated and there are lots of people and deadlines to juggle. From solicitors to surveys, chains and expectations, you need someone who can get you from ‘sale agreed’ to ‘sold’ without too many bumps along the way. If you decide to use more than one agent, make sure you know what costs and fees you will be responsible for.
  9. Listen to your agent 
    It is likely that your agent has had many years of experience selling houses, understands the local market and knows what will work. Listen to them; it may be your home, but if you want it sold, take their advice. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions or raise concerns, but from asking price to viewings, they usually know best.
  10. Be ready to move
    It’s worthwhile getting your property on the market before you start looking for one yourself.  If you don’t, you could find your dream home and lose it because you are not ready to proceed with the sale.

It may seem like a lot to consider, we understand how complex and confusing it can all seem, but a good agent will be able to guide you through. Having been born and bred in the West Country, we have a vast amount of local and national market experience.

So whatever you are selling, be it your home or a farm, a residential development or a commercial unit or even a parcel of land, we will be able to help you achieve the best price and terms possible, supporting you every step of the way.

To find out more contact one of our residential sales offices and have a chat to our experienced residential agents.

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