The April Collective Sale produced a continued good trade for fresh milk and youngstock.

“Peacehay Attico Rachel (VG85-2yr)” from FH Chave & Son topped the day at 2200gns and goes back to West Wales. Cows sold to 2100gns for a second lactation GP81 “Wallen” from Derek and Jeremy Dennis who had other cows and calved heifers to 2050gns and averaged £1995 for 6 entered.
Incalf heifers from the Bown’s continued dispersal of their “Steventon” herd near Basingstoke were in strong demand selling to 1720gns for the “Jethro Dot 2nd” out of a VG85 dam and due May to “Michalak”. Others from the same Vendor at 1680gns x2 and 1650gns. Their 9 heifers averaged an impressive £1620.

Holstein bulls sold to 1450gns for “Walkabout Bill” from Angell Farming Ltd.
31 Commercial yearling heifers from GJ Dalton sold to 650gns x5. A large entry of 67 heifer calves sold to 460gns x2 for daughters of “Crystal Missan Jazzy Trumpet” consigned by JCR & CM Vaughan and 440gns x7 for JF Cobb & Sons, TJ & MJ Lloyd and Partners and GJ Dalton.

Calved Cows£1843.00
Calved Heifers£1816.50
Incalf Heifers£1506.40
Served Heifers  £882.00
Yearling & Younger Heifers  £600.00
Heifer Calves  £369.00