Another exceptional entry of over 300 head for the November Collective Sale at Sedgemoor Auction Centre drew purchasers from Cornwall to Wales and produced a continued good trade for fresh milk with off lying cows and those with faults more difficult to place in line with sales across the country.

The day topped at 2050gns for the calved heifer Nextgen Rager Vanessa (VG86-2YR) from Lucinda Morgan.   At 2000gns was the 2nd calver Moorshard PC Darlingo Amanda GP84 from Randolph & Brian Miller.  Other cows sold to 1850gns x 3 for A & G Hardwick Ltd’s 3rd and 2nd calvers by Bomaz Altatopshot and Peak Altapolish from the Joyce, Jill & Pheasant families. Recently served heifers from Cleave Farm Partnership’s Vanswood Herd sold to 800gns x 3, bulling heifers from MEH Pile & Sons of Sussex sold to 750gns x 2.

The day included the first production sale for Foremore Ltd who sold August calved Brown Swiss x 2nd calvers to 1850gns and Fleckvieh x 2nd calvers to 1800gns.  Heifers due to the Hereford Bull at 2 years of age sold to 1180gns, with crossbred maiden heifers at 600gns x5 and heifer calves at 250gns.

The continuation of the Thornbrook dispersal for Frank Greenway produced October calved heifers from the Alice family at 1650gns, with recently served heifers at 1180gns and the strongest heifer calf trade of the day with daughters of VG85 dams and De-Su Mg Davinci at 480gns x 2.

A significant number of purchasers from away making use of Marteye produced the following averages on the day:-

Collective Sale
Calved Cows      £1727
Calved Heifers   £1664
Served Heifers   £815.50
Bulling Heifers   £707
Heifer Calves     £213

Foremore Production Sale
Cows & Heifers Inmilk &/or Incalf           £1211
Served Heifers                                        £806
Yearling & Younger Heifers                    £485
Heifer Calves                                          £202.50

Thornbrook Dispersal
Cows & Heifers Inmilk &/or Incalf (Inc. A Lots)      £1327.32
Served Heifers                                                       £802
Yearling & Younger                                                £525
Heifer Calves                                                          £399