A large catalogue for this year’s Autumn Gold Sale saw a continued demand for the best of the fresh milk and strong demand for organics.

Two seconds calvers from the Beneknowle ‘Vaakje’ family topped the day at 2100gns. Others at 2050gns for ‘Gwaylodylade Twist Michelle’ the fresh 2nd calver from GM & RD Janes (Monmouthshire) phased dispersal and 2000gns for Rea & Sons ‘Clenchers Millennium Jovial’ (GP82).

Stronger calved heifers were favoured over frailer younger heifers topping at 1900gns for ‘Broadleaze Trader Girl’ calving at 2 years 8 months for ML & RL Loader other calved heifers to 1820gns for the Janes ‘Gwaylodylade Theory Trix’ and 1800gns x2 FH Chave & Son.

A very selective incalf heifer trade, when again strength was the order of the day, saw heifers due November for Mr T Anthony & Sons Bridgend selling to 1400gns for ‘Haregrove Altaamulet Pippa’ and ‘Altatopshot Emma 2nd’.

A number of organic consignments drew considerable interest with fresh milk selling to 1700gns for the British Friesian 2nd calver ‘Morecourt Tina 192nd’ from Tortworth Estate Co (Gloucester), Fleckvieh x heifers incalf six months topped at 1280gns x2 and bullers at 980gns x 4 for RV Edmunds and Son Ltd dispersal. Holstein bulling heifers from Barrington Organic Partnership Ltd sold to 840gns x2 for daughters of ‘Stantons Most Wanted’ and ‘Wintersell Milo’. March born British Friesian heifer calvers were in strong demand at 650gns x3 for Tortworth Estate Co.
The widespread use of sexed semen has produced a significant increase in surplus youngstock which combined with the time of year led to a more difficult trade. Strong well-bred 19 month bulling heifers 850gns x2 for ‘Shambles Silver Pretzel’ and ‘Fever Pretzel’ for DW & CE Jones with commercial 16 month old heifers at 650gns x2 AL & SL Dewey. Heifer calves 300gns x8 for JF Cobb & Sons and DW & CE Jones.

A good company of buyers produced 45 successful purchasers and the following averages:
Collective Sale

Calved Cows £1859.55

Calved Heifers £1504.21

Incalf Heifers£1165.00

Served Heifers£783.00

Maiden Heifers £580.00

2021 Born Heifers£367.50

Heifer Calves £255.00
Dispersal Sale

GM & RD Janes £1563.80

British Friesian Calved Cows & Heifers£1368.20

Incalf Fleck x Heifers  £1262.00

Fleck x Bulling Heifers£954.00

Holstein Friesian Bulling Heifers £814.80

British Friesian Heifer Calves£634.50