Government consultations on devising a new way to calculate local housing need have resulted in a “no change” result in the South West.

The Government has just announced a new Standard Method for calculating local housing need as it recognised the previous set up would fail to deliver its long-held target of 300,000 new homes per year nationwide.

Following wide consultations and unhappy responses to its proposed new methodology, which would have meant many local authorities in the South West having to provide for substantially more homes, it has decide to drop the plan.

Instead it will focus on the 20 largest cities and urban centres, including Bristol and Plymouth, which will be expected to meet a 35% uplift requirement.

The implications for Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall mean no change, which will come as a relief for many local authorities in the South West, which were facing the prospect of delivering substantially more homes.

However under current rules councils will still have to identify a five-year plan of deliverable housing sites. Not all authorities can do this so there is a real opportunity for landowners and developers to bring forward sites for potential housing use.

This process can seem complicated and full of red tape, but the development land and planning experts at Greenslade Taylor Hunt can guide you through the process.

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The department has a team of planning experts with key professional links to planning authorities throughout the West country.

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