The West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland 5-year housing land supply (5YHLS) up to April 2019 was published in March 2020. This document has identified that the Council has a shortfall in its supply of housing deliverable in its local authority area. Please note that the Council is now part of Dorset Council.

All Councils, throughout England and Wales, are required to have a 5YHLS to deliver their housing numbers set out in their Local Plans for the designated period of the plan.  

This supply of land is monitored annually.  If it falls below the 5-year threshold (with or without buffers being applied), this creates a window of opportunity for landowners with land in sustainable locations that are outside of built-up area/development boundaries of settlements within the local authority area.  This only applies where there is not an adopted Neighbourhood Plan within the last 2-years or if there is less than a 3-years supply of housing since adoption of the plan.

The Council’s supply requirement is 5,455no. dwellings for the period 2019 – 2024. This equates to 1,091no. dwellings per annum.  This is a reduction from last year, due to the implementation of the Housing Delivery Test, with the buffer being reduced from 20% down to 5%.

For the period 2019 – 2024, the Council does not have a sufficient housing supply to meet the 5YHLS (plus 5% buffer) requirement.

Mark Chugg, Partner of Greenslade Taylor Hunt, said: “The shortfall in 5YHLS creates a window of opportunity for landowners. This opportunity is to bring forward their land for development.”

He continues: “This applies to land in sustainable locations, on the edge of villages or towns, but outside of the built-up areas/development boundaries of settlements within the Council’s area to make opportunistic planning applications.”

If landowners are interested in taking advantage of the opportunity, they can take specialist advice. They can make a planning application, via a planning consultant, themselves or via either a land promoter or housebuilder, having entered into either a Promotion, Hybrid or Option Agreement.

If you are a landowner and need land, planning and development advice then Greenslade Taylor Hunt can advise. The partnership is a multi-disciplined property consultancy with a specialist Development Land and Planning Department.  The department has Chartered Surveyors and Chartered Town Planners, who deal with this type of work throughout the South and South West of England.

For further information on how to take advantage of the window of opportunity in West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland, contact Mark Chugg MRICS, Partner in the Development Land and Planning Department at Greenslade Taylor Hunt on telephone number: 07738 426759 or by email at