An important part of the planning process is gearing up in Exeter as the city council calls on landowners to identify potential sites for future development.

Interested parties have until January 4, 2021 to nominate land for new homes, commercial and other uses.

This “call for sites” will help the council put together a Local Plan, which will form the blueprint for future development in the area.

It is not just limited to earmarking housing land, but all types of development sites, to help the community thrive by boosting employment and leisure opportunities too.

The “call for sites” will enable the council to carry out a Land Availability Assessment, which will feed into the Local Plan by identifying sites that could be suitable for future development.
Landowners are invited to submit sites that they consider potentially suitable for development via the council’s website.

If you are a landowner who is interested in finding out more about the planning process, but are not sure where to start then planning professionals at Greenslade Taylor Hunt are able to help. The multi-disciplinary firm, which has a dedicated Development Land and Planning Department, has extensive experience in planning and development work throughout the South West and are able to advise landowners on the process.

 The firm can also assist with the promotion of sites putting landowners in touch with individuals and organisations who might be interested in undertaking the work required to develop sites themselves.

 For more information and advice please contact the dedicated Development Land and Planning team on (01823) 334466.