With the popularity of new builds on the rise in the West Country, Katharine Lenton, our New Homes Manager explains the growing appeal.

“There are a number of reasons why the new build market is incredibly buoyant at the moment. One of the key factors is time and convenience. When you buy a new home, you can move into a finished house which is right for you. The décor, flooring, worktops, tiling and even the curtains can all be tailored to your taste. This allows people to move straight in without hassle and simply start living in their new home. And because new homes come with either a 10 year National Home Building Council (NHBC) or Local Authority Building Control (LABC) warranty, buyers have the added reassurance that even if things go wrong later on down the line, they will be covered.”  

While many may still think news homes aren’t for them, this ease and convenience is certainly appealing, and if this alone isn’t a deciding factor, perhaps adding efficiency into the mix might just be. At a time where rising utility costs are affecting us all, it’s good to know that today’s new homes are built to the latest environmental standards. This makes them much cheaper to run and much greener too, generating around 60% less carbon dioxide emissions compared with older homes. New homes also tend to be far safer and more secure. Fire safety is paramount with smoke alarms, fire doors and many fire retardant materials used as standard within the build process. Most builders also include high security front doors, burglar alarms, window locks and security lighting.

There is also a surprising amount of choice out there, from stylish glass-fronted flats to thatched cottages with wood burners, there’s a new home to suit pretty much every taste. So if you’re looking at your next move and are tempted by what a new home could offer you, why not check out the properties we have available across the West Country at www.gth.net?