Including the South West Region Rare Breeds Survival Trust Sale, 

the Valais Blacknose Breed Society Show and Sale

& the South West Show and Sale of Dutch Spotted Sheep

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Valais Blacknose (37)

A much larger entry of 37 Valais Blacknose sold to generally a very strong trade for the ewes but to a much more selective trade for the Rams. Shearling Ewe Blackertor Flame took this year’s top price honours when she sold for £6510 from D Hodge & J Walters.

This partnerships breeding met considerable interest and they also sold Shearling Ewe Blackertor Faberge at £5250, Ewe Lambs Blackertor Gloria, Georgina, Galatta and Grete at £5250, £4200, £3675 and £3150 respectively, 6 tooth Blackertor Dollar at £3990 and Ram Lamb Blackertor Grand Design at £3150. E Collison sold a Ram Lamb at £3255 and a Shearling Ewe at £3150. C Slee and T Hooper sold two Ewe Lambs at £2940 each and R May sold a Shearling Ewe at £2625.

Dutch Spotted (22)

The inaugural sale saw keen bidding for the best females when a 4 Tooth and a 2 Tooth sold at £997.50 and £892.50 from P Mitchell, who also sold a Ram Lamb at £399.

Other Sheep (176)

Dartmoor -Shearling Ewes £430.50 (x3) from S Champion
Ewe Lambs sold to £273 from S Champion
Full Mouth Ewes sold to £168 from S Champion

Shearling Ewes sold to £367.50 and £273 from RP Wear

Ewe Lambs sold to £162.75 and £126 from J Quant

Kerry Hill
Shearling Ewes sold to £159.60 from S Sizer

Ram Lambs sold to £157.50 from D Rashley
6 Tooth Ewes sold to £141.75 from D Rashley

Shearling ewes sold to £126 (x2) and £123.90 (x2) from MWJ, ME & LR Greenslade

Autumn Breeding Ewes and Rams (2535)

A much larger entry of 2428 Breeding ewes sold to another very strong, but generally more selective trade.

Pure Texels in the MV section sold to £180 and £150 for Shearlings and £160 (x2) for Ewe lambs all from The Rolle Texel Flock and to £160 (x3) for shearlings from T Davis. Suffolk x Mule Shearlings sold to £156 (x2) and £148 from J White, £154 from Foxhollow Farm Ltd and £140 from RJ Taylor, BV & SM Johnson and EXD Norfolk. Suffolk x Scotch halfbreds sold to £145 from Foxhollow Farm Ltd. Scotch Mules sold to £148 (x2) from BL & MJE Bartlett and North Country Mules sold to £148 from M Dykes £145, £142 (x2) and £140 (x3) from AC Heal, £145 (x4) and £140 (x3) from MA Johnson Ltd, £143 (x3) and £142 from JF Walker & Partners and £140 from Foxhollow Farm Ltd. The older ewe section saw a very strong trade with Suffolk x Mule 6 Tooth t0 £135 and £130 from C Boundy and Full Mouths to £128 from L Cleave North Country Mule 4/6 Tooths sold to £133 (x2) and £122 from D Marshall who also sold 6 Tooth/Full Mouth to £120 (x5). Other North Country Mule 4 Tooth/6 Tooths sold at £120 from C Boundy and Texel x Full Mouths sold to £120 from JC Salmon.

Overall average £116.63

A good quality entry of 107 Rams forward which was reflected in an excellent trade selling to 73% clearance. Top price went to J Cornock, Newport who sold two stunning Suffolk 2T rams in the MV Section to £530 with another to £395. Sticking in the MV, G Burrough, Dunkeswell with a cracking run of Charollais topped at £500 for a 2T with Ram Lambs to £390 & £400! In the Non MV Section, R & MF Rottenbury & Sons, Oxenleaze Farm had a very strong pen of Texel 2T Rams with a top call of £445 x2 and others to £395.

Our next catalogued sheep sales are:

Friday 2nd October 
Special Catalogued Sale of Mule & Mule Cross Breeding Ewes 3pm
Monthly Seasonal Catalogued Sale of Breeding Ewes & Ewe Lambs 3pm
Monthly Catalogued Sale of MV Accredited Rams & Ewes & Non MV Rams 4pm

Friday 30th October 
Monthly Seasonal Catalogued Sale of Breeding Ewes & Ewe Lambs 3pm
Monthly Catalogued Sale of MV Accredited Rams & Ewes & Non MV Rams 4pm


A short entry of 26 Dexter, Shetland and British White cattle met a selective trade. Top was £861 for a British White cow with her 7 month old Charolais steer calf at foot. Shetlands cows and calves sold to £588. Pedigree Dexter cows and calves sold to £440 for Haineshill Sydney and her Dexter heifer calf (5m) from K Carter, Ilminster. Maiden heifers sold to £388.50 from J Ford, Burtle who also had Dexter steers to £378.


Excellent trade for the best but with winter around the corner second quality much harder to sell. A smaller entry of bulls saw almost a complete clearance to £2000 for a Pedigree Limousin from S Legg & Son. Other Limousins to £1500.

Angus bulls to £1500 from MR & SK Westcott, others to £1300 AK & G Quinn. Herefords to £1420 KD & VJ Palfrey. A really good run of British Blue Cows and Calves reached a top of £1720 for a 5 year old cow with 5 month old Charolais steer calf at foot from Cradock & Son, Bath. Blue cow with 1 month Limousin Heifer calf at foot to £1620 for AE Lawrence of Helston who had others to £1330-£1310. B Calders had a super run of young Blue 2nd calvers with Hereford calves to £1560, £1380, £1320. Herefords with Hereford calves from the same vendor sold to £1400, £1250 & £1220. Angus Cows and Calves to £1120 x2 R Goodbody, Dorchester. Longhorn Cows and Calves to £940 Hanchard farming. Ruby Red Devon maiden Heifers sold to £910 for DJ & SC Burleigh.


Firstly thank you to all Purchasers and Vendors alike for adhering to the social distancing measures that were put in place. A similar entry sold to a splendid trade throughout, top call was £112 for 3 cracking female Grey Rheas sold by DH Turner, Bridport. The Webbers of Cannington again make the report with 3 Easter Egger hens to £95. White call ducks went to £42 for Parfitt, Cheddar. Others to note were two Welsummer hens that sold to £75 for BF & SA Spiller, Taunton.

PIGS (11)

A short entry of 11 Saddlebacks from the ‘Shenlow’ herd from S Samuels, Bicester. Rose to £168 for an in pig gilt. Boars sold to £115.50 (6months). Weaners sold to £40 (Gilts).

Our grateful thanks to all Vendors and Purchasers for your cooperation throughout the day!