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600 Head Dispersal at Sedgemoor Auction Centre

August 2023

The dispersal of SD Withers & Son 602 Head Autumn-Spring Calving Herd at Sedgemoor Auction Centre generated a great deal of interest for this 6500kg averaging herd, with volume buyers from Telford to Carmarthenshire making the most of the opportunity to secure these Autumn-Spring Calving Crossbred Cows. 

The herd was removed from Little Lype Farm, Malmesbury to Sedgemoor for convenience of sale. The comprehensive sale started with dairy equipment to include the 16,000 Delaval Bulk Tank selling for £6700 and 450 Nedap/Waikato Heat Detection & ID Collars selling to £75 each. 

Cows topped at £1627.50 x 4 for Holstein Friesian crossbred 2nd calvers with 5th calvers to £1575, all re-served.  There was a consistent trade on the day across the catalogue for the varied breeds on offer. 

Incalf heifers calving at under two years of age sold to £1386 x 2 for those 7 months incalf, whilst maiden heifers sold to £735 and yearlings to £609 x 4. 

The convenient location of Sedgemoor Auction Centre attracted over 66 successful purchasers on the day from Telford to Carmarthenshire, with buyers both in the ring and online creating the following creditable averages. 
Cows (including all faults) £1,150
Incalf / Served Heifers £882
Maiden Heifers £578
Yearling & Heifer Calves £388

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