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4,190 Acres Of Standing Straw Sold At Auction

June 2023

Greenslade Taylor Hunt’s Agricultural Department at Sedgemoor Auction Centre, reported a sizeable entry of 4,190 acres of standing straw being sold over two evenings by live auction.

Both evening auctions saw a large number of bids, both in person and through Marteye. No less than a quarter of the lots were purchased online this year, showing a growing trend for these sales. The following averages were obtained at the sales:
  West of Taunton East of Taunton
Winter Barley  £100.14/acre £98.12/acre
Winter Wheat £87.59/acre £78.67/acre
Winter Oats £82.99/acre £72.00/acre
Spring Barley £57.53/acre  
Winter Oilseed Rape £43.31/acre £49.07/acre

All vendors were well rewarded for entering standing straw into the sales, with winter barley topping at £140/acre, winter wheat reaching £130/acre, winter oats reaching £110/acre and winter oilseed rape realising £58/acre.

Auctioneer Tom Mellor commented after the sales ‘’The trade for straw in 2022 was lacklustre with bidders showing no real ‘fire in their bellies’, but it was evident at the 2023 sales that this trend had been bucked and competitive bidding was experienced throughout. Whilst the delivered in prices being quoted at the time of the sales were little different to that of a year ago, I believe purchasers were mindful of the volatile weather seasons that have been experienced recently. Whether it be a drought at the end of the summer in 2022, an exceedingly wet spring in 2023 or the recent heatwave, one thing is for sure – we cannot predict the weather! Whilst purchasers of standing straw can never be 100% sure of the quantity of straw the fields will yield, a discerning purchaser will have a good idea and this early purchase will mitigate whatever the future weather and trading conditions may be thrown their way. In terms of prices, I was anticipating a lift in the trade, but my initial predictions were increases of 10-15%, whereas the reality was to the tune of 30%’’.

If any farmers are looking to see what the auction system can offer them next season they are welcome to contact Tom Mellor or Greenslade Taylor Hunt’s Agricultural Team to discuss matters. Tel: 01278 410250 or

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