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Largest Grasskeep Auction in the South West Draws Huge Crowd

April 2023

Specialist Auctioneers Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a full clearance  and a very strong trade for the 1,540 acres offered that spanned the breadth of Somerset. Both live bidding at Sedgemoor Auction Centre and online bidding was available with in excess of 50 active bidders. Trade was up on the year to top at £366 Per Acre and £313 Per Acre for 14 acres and 22 acres respectively both at Culmhead; £247/acre for 49 acres at Culmstock; £241/acre & £194/acre for 7 & 9 Acres at Low Ham; £235/acre for 5 Acres in Mark; £234/acre for 10 acres in Stone Allerton. £225/acre for 8 Acres at Tarnock; £209/acre for 22 acres at Milverton; £184/acre for 84 acres at Aller Moor.

Auctioneer Paul Ashton commented ‘’Trade was remarkably strong for all the grass offered with the biggest increase in the year seen generally for the poorer moor ground’’. He continues ‘’Generally the grass offered with grazing and/or mowing was much more sought after on the back of strong beef and sheep market prices.’’

The grass keep auction is held annually at Sedgemoor Auction Centre, for further information please contact 01278 410250.

Verity Adams (Marketing) – Polden Hills
Archie Attwell (Calves) – Polden Hills
Robin Attwell (Stirks) – Polden Hills
Will Attwell (Stores) – Polden Hills
Kate Bell (Calves) – Polden Hills 
Ellena Criddle (Sheep/Stirks) - Bridgwater
Megan Hatch (Stores) – Wedmore


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