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Studying Solar

June 2023

As well as spending time in our busy Honiton office and two days a week up at Sedgemoor market, for the past two years I have been undertaking a part-time Master’s Degree in Real Estate as part of my route to becoming a qualified Chartered Surveyor. The purpose of undertaking the Master’s stems from needing to sit my APC through merit of achieving an RICS accredited degree. I don’t yet have one of these as I graduated Harper Adams University with an Honours degree in Agri-Business. 

To aid with my Postgraduate Project/Dissertation I have been trying to find participants for interviews, through the means of social media. This project happens to be my penultimate submission for the whole course so the light is firmly at the end of the tunnel. 

It is light, and more crucially the suns light, which the focus of my project is targeting. Rightly or wrongly, I have decided upon researching further into government policy and solar panels on agricultural land to which I have come up with the project title of “An investigation on how significantly the UK Government’s stance on the installation of solar farms on agricultural land will impact the built environment’s aims for sustainability”; it’s a good job that’s not a mouthful!

At a time when Climate Change has never been more prevalent in the local and national news, I thought it would be an appropriate area to focus research around and from writing my Literature review it is evident that there is plethora of ever-emerging research and information which makes the topic area that bit more challenging. Finding suitable interviewees has at this stage been a challenge when trying to find convenient times to fit around their diaries, as well as a busy work schedule myself coinciding with silage making on the farm at home.

Key stakeholders who I wish to interview are land owners who have installed solar panels on agricultural land, manufacturers/ installers of solar panels for use on agricultural land, and farmers who are contemplating the idea of installing ground mounted solar panels. I am hoping for between 6 and 10 interviewees to provide their opinion on the Government’s policy toward solar installation on agricultural land.

It is not anticipated that the study will be published once complete but it is hoped that the research will be insightful in learning how the built environment, of which we all form part, can really achieve sustainability. It may be a consequence of the study that people’s opinion of sustainability varies and the best route to achieving this is not obvious in my eyes as the researcher at this stage. 

I’m sure you’ll agree that I have set myself a challenging topic area but one (hopefully) of interest to some. If there is by chance anyone reading this who wishes to participate, I would be more than grateful for their time and insight. For more information, I can be contacted by my work email or on my student email of

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