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The Auction Room - the Perfect Place to Buy and Sell

October 2022

Everyone is acutely aware of the cost of living crisis and the need to make savings on outgoings. However there could be a surprising source of untapped cash just waiting to be released.

Neglected and overlooked items in your jewellery box or the back of a drawer might be taking up unnecessary space, but could be generating a pleasing amount of useful cash.

Perhaps the item is not to your taste or was handed down by a relative and has just been forgotten or left unworn.

Your unwanted items could be another person’s “must have” and selling at auction rather than through a retailer could be the best way to achieve a more or less instant price.

It’s not just timeless diamonds that are selling well – everything across the jewellery spectrum from costume and modern pieces to antique items are enjoying buoyant sales and the run-up to Christmas provides further impetus for rising prices.

Jewellery valuer, Helen Preece, of Greenslade Taylor Hunt, said: “The market for jewellery is continuing at an all-time high, as 2022 draws to a close. With precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) still at a high not seen for many years and current tastes in jewellery encompassing a rich and varied spectrum from costume jewellery, through to Art Deco and modern designers such as Tiffany & Co. The demand for jewellery with the festive season approaching makes it an excellent time to sell.”

At Greenslade Taylor Hunt’s recent sale at The Octagon Salerooms, East Reach, Taunton, prices for all types of jewellery were stratospheric.

This might be expected for a timeless sapphire and diamond pendant, which made £2,200, but a fairly ordinary vintage cherry coloured bead necklace was bought for £370.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt has the expertise and the experience to offer clients the best sales options in a professional, yet friendly environment and an enormous worldwide selling platform.

Prior to the pandemic the auctioneers already held antiques auctions online. This opens up a limitless  “shop window” for sellers and buyers alike.

Selling at auction is stress-free – you can even set a reserve price at an amount you would be happy to sell, but as many satisfied sellers are discovering most guide prices are being comfortably surpassed.

Helen is hosting regular valuation sessions each Tuesday at The Octagon Salerooms, East Reach, Taunton. Please call 01823 332525 to arrange a free, no obligation appointment. You may be unexpectedly surprised at the result!


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