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Considerations if you are selling your home this winter

Selling at any point of the year comes with its pros and cons. It’s something we discuss regularly with clients to ensure seasonal challenges are worked around ahead of marketing a property. 

Whilst there really is no perfect time to sell, there can be certain advantages that suit your situation better. If winter is your time, then here are some tips to get the most out of selling your home this season:

Go easy on the decorations

We know – bah humbug! But the reason why we recommend to go easy on the house decorations is despite being wonderfully festive, it can often make rooms appear smaller and more cluttered. Everyone’s decoration tastes are different, and your buyers might not been so keen. While it is certainly possible to encourage potential buyers to look beyond the décor, you want to ensure that you’re not sacrificing showing off the potential of your home. 

If you are actively selling over winter, try keeping the decorations to a minimum in places that can highlight the room, rather than get in the way. 

Top Tip: If you’re preparing your home to come to market, we always suggest holding off decorating until after the photos have been taken. Your home might not launch until the new year, or finding the perfect buyer can take a few weeks – so don’t let your pictures timestamp your launch! 

Highlight winter-ready features

This goes for any season, showing off your home in the best way that suits that time of year. If your home does boast some winter-positive features, such as a warming Aga, a fabulous fireplace, or family dining room, consider dressing these areas up to make them look even more enticing.

Keeping the property well staged in the rooms that really make winter feel wonderful in your home.

Be flexible with viewing schedules

With shorter, darker days winter can make home viewings difficult if there is limited flexibility. Often buyers will want to view your home while the sun is still up, so they can see your home in all its glory. Your agent will always take your wishes into consideration, but if you are selling this winter try to accommodate daytime and earlier viewings – it’ll go a long way in showing off your home! 

Don’t forget the outside areas

It’s a vital part of selling your home any time of the year, but be sure to keep any outdoor areas clean and tidy. Buyers will understand that the garden is unlikely to look its best in the winter months, but if it looks unmanageable this may put many people off. 

By keeping patios clean, leaves swept, gutters clean and shrubs and hedges trimmed, you’ll show that the garden won’t be a burden during the harsher months. 

Top tip: this goes for any outdoor area, especially the front of your house. First impressions count!

Create a warm and comfortable environment

A common concern viewers have over the winter is how cold properties can feel. This could be down to the house being empty with no heating on during the day, but it can put a lot of people off. 

Whatever the reason, try to ensure your home is warm and comfortable, especially on days where viewings will be taking place. That goes for ensuring it’s not too hot either! 

Don’t forget, winter doesn’t start and end with the Christmas season. The colder season often stretches into February and sometimes March, so these considerations aren’t just for those selling in December. 

If you are currently selling and want to get some more advice on how to make the most out of this time, or if you are wanting to come to the market in the New Year, contact one of our local offices today where our agents are ready to help.

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