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Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF)

March 2024

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) returns for 2024 with an increased budget and new items to choose from. 

The FEFT is available to farmers, contractors, horticulturalists and foresters with the application window open between 6th March and 17th April 2024 for slurry and productivity items, with the application window for animal health and welfare items to open shortly.

The available grant on items has risen to 50% or 60% of the calculated standard cost of the item, alongside an increased maximum grant total on productivity and slurry items. 

There are now 232 different items available which have been subdivided into three different categories - productivity, slurry management and animal health and welfare.

You can apply for grants from each of these, providing the potential for up to £125,000 worth of grant funding. 

For productivity and slurry management a maximum grant of £50,000 is available. This could provide £40,800 towards a three-metre direct drill with fertiliser placement or £16,180 towards a livestock total feed ration mixer. 

Each item is scored by DEFRA based on its contribution towards the productivity, slurry management and animal health and welfare priorities. A calculation will be made to determine an average score. Successful applications must surpass the average score.   

To be eligible for a grant the item must be new, purchased once you have a live Grant Funding Agreement, purchased in the name of the business registered with the RPA and through the corresponding bank account. 

If you are thinking of purchasing new agricultural equipment and are unsure whether it is available under the FETF, require help with an application, find further information here or get in touch with our specialists by emailing


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