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6 Questions to Ask when Thinking About Renting

Thinking about renting a property? You probably have a huge list of questions, especially if you are renting a house for the first time. At GTH we have collated 6 questions we think are really important when you are thinking about finding a place to rent, or just wondering if renting a house is the right choice for you. These are questions you can and should be asking when thinking about renting a flat, home or any type of property.

Who is responsible for what - if you're in a house or ground floor flat, you might also have a garden to enjoy. If this is the case, it is worth asking whether your tenancy agreement commits you to maintaining your garden and how frequently. Or whether you are allowed to make any changes to it yourself.     

  1. Who are your neighbours - it is always a good idea to ask about your street and your neighbours - are they families, young or elderly? Do they have pets? Have past tenants ever had problems with them? This is particularly important if the property you are interested in is a flat or attached to the neighbouring property.    

  2. What's included? Whether your potential new place is furnished or unfurnished, what you see on a viewing may not be what you get. Make sure you ask what is included - this doesn't just include furniture, ask about the washing machine, fridges, curtains, light fittings, shower curtains, blinds etc.     

  3. Can you decorate? Many tenancy agreements state that you can't paint the walls, put shelves up or pictures, or change any of the decor. If you do want to decorate your new rental home, make sure you ask your agent / landlord first.    

  4. Heating and water - Check what kind of boiler there is and ask to see whether the hot water comes out of the taps and that the radiators work. Does your landlord have a service agreement in place for your boiler? What happens if it breaks? How quickly can you expect it to be fixed? Ask if there is a 24 hour phone number that you can call in case of an emergency. Look out for double glazing which will keep the property much warm in comparison to older style glazed windows. Don't forget to check the water pressure in the shower!    

  5. Can you afford it? You'll probably already know how much the rent will cost but make sure you clarify how much the deposit will be and how much rent you will be expected to pay up front. Think about your bills too - are they included in the price or are they in addition? You'll then be able to decide how much you can afford and whether the property is worth the cost. Don't forget to check out Council Tax bands and energy ratings too. A property rated A  or B could make you considerable savings through the year in comparison to those rated D or E.

We would recommend that no matter the property you are thinking about renting, you create a helpful checklist for renting a house, flat or other property. You can then consult this checklist to make sure you haven’t missed out on any vital questions or queries you want answered. Our 6 Questions to ask about when thinking about renting a property is designed to help you kickstart this process. If you are still uncertain about whether renting a property is right for you or you need some help finding a place to rent, don’t hesitate to seek advice and guidance from your local estate agents. 

If you have any questions, or want more advice on renting a property, call one of our experts today and find out more about how to rent a home or other property, stress free. Contact your local Estate Agent office here.

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