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Michaelmas Collective Sale at Sedgemoor Collective

September 2023

Following an exceptionally busy Saturday Market with 130 entered, the team at Sedgemoor turned the penning around to take in the 350 Dairy Cows, Heifers and Calves for our Michaelmas Collective Sale. 

Milkers selling in excess of £2000 included Beneknowle x 4, Varley x 3, Moorshard x 3, Clevian x 3, MWJ & SJ Gould x 2 and Wowcow x 1. 

The Continued Dispersal of the “Varley” herd for EW, SJ & TW Scolding topped the day at £2467.50 for the third calver, Varley Useful Marian 94th VG85. Followed by RK & SG Miller & Sons with the August calved heifer, Moorshard Secret Crush Delight and the Continued Dispersal of the Dinnaton Herd on behalf of DC Dennis  Son Ltd with another August calved heifer, Dinnaton Chief Kingboy Cordelia backed by 16 generations of VG & Ex. 

The Withamhall Herd selling on behalf of DB & H Miles topped the incalf section at £1575 and £1554 with October calving Withamhall Grills Bangle 8th and Withamhall Cordial Bangle respectively. Followed by the Ford Partners with a crossbred heifer due to Aberdeen Angus in November at £1522.50. 

Bulling Heifers sold to £756 x 2 for PJ Andrews with Beneknowle Swift Sunray 124th and Beneknowle Swift Amy 106th. Ayrshire yearlings to £651 for LE & T Rockett with Greenway Buster Tiffany and British Friesian yearlings to £525 x 3 for Greenway Jingle Whiskers, Greenway Lenny Bea and Greenway Lenny Currant. Calves to £420 for calves sired by Winstar Equity-P and Winstar Scatter for JF Cobb & Sons. 

The Collective Sale included The Dispersal Sale of the NMR Recorded Herd of 74 Dairy Cattle for AL Betts Ltd which sold to £1470 for second calver due October to Koepon Raptor, with an Ayrshire third calver selling for £1207.50; The Dispersal Sale of the Non-Recorded Herd of 70 Dairy Cattle for DN & CD Herrod which sold to £1365 x 2 for a July calved heifer and a fourth calver due to Davlea IMP and The Dispersal Sale of Holstein Friesian Autumn Calving Cows & Incalf Heifers for SM Godfrey which sold to £1365 x 2 for heifers due to Aberdeen Angus.  

The convenient location of Sedgemoor Auction Centre attracted over 44 successful purchasers on the day from Cornwall to Warminster as well as strong Dorset, Devon & Somerset support with buyers both in the ring and online creating the following creditable averages. 
Collective Fresh Milk    £1,871 ex faults
Collective Incalf Heifers    £1,177
Collective Bulling Heifers    £564
Collective Yearling Heifers    £421
Collective Heifer Calves    £381

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