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Move in time for Christmas: Is there time?

Whether you’re counting down the weeks, or still avoiding the dreaded ‘C’ word, we can’t hide from the fact that Christmas can be very influential in the property market. 
Every year we see an early autumn rush of properties coming to the market, with vendors hoping to have sold and moved onto their new homes ahead of the festive season. Buyers too have a resurgence of interest following a late-summer hiatus. But why is this? 

Fresh for Festive-fun
The decision about moving house may have been floating around all year, but with the changing of the seasons and autumnal haze setting in, many buyers and sellers realise that they do want to make the move ready for festive celebrations in a fresh new property. 
We tend to spend more time at home, and considering all of the family get-togethers that happen at Christmas, the need for more space or just a change of space can suddenly become a priority. 

Peace of mind
Another reason people use Christmas as a time-marker for moving is so you can have peace of mind over the break. 
With the bank holidays and office closures, any outstanding property sales can be temporarily put on hold until the New Year until solicitors and movers are back. For some, they don’t want to drag the process out any longer than needed, so pushing for a pre-Christmas completion ensures they don’t get caught up in the holiday lulls. 
Rest assured though, our agents work hard all year round to get your property sale over the line, so if your move does fall over the holidays we’ll be as ready as possible to hit go when we can.

Ready for the New Year
Sellers and buyers don’t just want to move for Christmas Day itself, but often the desire is to be in a new property ahead of the New Year. 
For many, the New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start, new goals, and new beginnings. A property move can kick-start a lot of that, and for that reason it can be the driving force in moving before Christmas is upon us. 

So how can this impact the property market? 
It varies, but in general the market can get very busy in the autumn. Regardless of the personal circumstances, the need to move in time for the end of the year is the most popular reason for properties coming to market in autumn. 
Of course, there will still be those looking to buy or sell with no ideal end date in mind. 
So, what can I do to move in time for Christmas? 
Unfortunately, there’s never guaranteed timeline when it comes to moving house, however, there are things you can do to help.  
-    Be prepared
It cannot be understated how important it is to be prepared. Knowing where you want to move to, what the next step is, your wish list, financial planning, and much more will impact how quickly you can move. 
-    Ask the experts
When speaking to solicitors and mortgage advisors, discuss your timeline desire from the get-go to get the best advice on how to achieve it. Setting these hopes with your professional team can also help them expedite wherever possible. 
-    Get on the market
If you’re looking to sell before Christmas then get on the market now. Whilst agents can turn around a property launch fast, factor in having photos taken, brochures prepared and a marketing plan in place. Time is ticking!
-    Start packing
Even if a sale hasn’t been agreed, it’s never a bad idea to start the packing process. It’s an often overlooked step of moving and can lead to delays in the big move itself. Starting early gives you a chance to do it properly. Read our article on how to pack for a move here
-    Be flexible 
Time won’t be on your side, which means you might have to compromise. Only you can decide the limits of these compromises, but be open to negotiations on the sale, whether that’s pricing, inclusions or other factors. 

For questions about moving for Christmas and the New Year, or just after, speak to your local office today.

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