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November Dairy Collective Sale

November 2023

Regular vendors, FH Chave & Son topped the day at £2782.50, a record top price for several months with the calved heifer Peacehay Doc Sheila 172nd. Followed by first time consignors Vortex Holsteins Ltd at £2520 with a commercial second calver sired by De-Su Flowrider, and MKJ Reed & Son at £2205.50 with Beaconhill Fitz Moonbeam 2nd, a September calved heifer. 

Other vendors who sold milking cows & heifers for over £2,000 included MKJ Reed & Son, RK & SG Miller & Sons, PC Pocock & Co, Haydon Farm Partnership and DC Dennis & Son Ltd. 

The continued Dispersal of the ‘Murrell’ Herd on behalf of RE & SV Marks from Hampshire topped the incalf heifer section at £1650 with Murrell Alcove Katherine, due in January to Aberdeen Angus. Others sold to £1575 and 1522.  Pedigree Jerseys due to Aberdeen Angus in the spring sold to £651 x 3.

The ‘Beneknowle’ Herd on behalf of PJ Andrews topped the yearling section at £787.50 x 2 for Beneknowle Marcello Roxy 64th and Beneknowle Donte Vaakje 239th, followed by Gundenham Farm at £714 x 2 for commercial yearlings sired by Denovo 15848 Kenmore and OCD Marvel, and MKJ Reed & Son at £682.
Weaned calves sold to £441 x 2 for RL & ME Trott. ‘A’ Lot Calves sold to £262.50 for FH Chave & Son with September born Peacehay Dreambig Snowie 56th. 

A small entry of 2 Holstein Bulls sold to £1386 for AJ Limond with the Lambda sired, October 2022 born Clevian Landy and at £1050 E Gay & Sons July 2022 born Wiltor Bielsa which goes back to the Ex97 classified Glenridge Citattion Roxy. 

There was no doubt that the recent exceptionally wet weather and continued depressed milk price affected the trade for anything other than the very best with fresh heavy milking, stronger types in strongest demand.

A smaller entry of only 150 head drew 27 purchasers from across the south west, Wales & Cheshire to produce the following averages:-

Calved Cows (June to Nov calved)    £1,671
Calved Heifers                                   £1,823
Holstein Incalf Heifers                        £1,359
Yearling Heifers                                  £641
Weaned Heifer Calves                       £376
‘A’ Lot Heifer Calves                          £208

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