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Sandra Celebrates 30 Years at South Molton

February 2023

Stalwart Sandra Benham marks 30 years service with the South Molton branch of Greenslade Taylor Hunt this month.

The long-standing member of staff has seen many changes at the branch in Broad Street over the years having initially worked for the firm’s predecessor estate agency, Martyn Coombes.

“I started with GTH when the South Molton office first opened. The challenge at the very beginning was trying to walk the length of the office without getting covered in dust as the office was having an extensive overhaul so we had to work in “very abnormal” conditions! 

“I am not sure if anyone realised we were open for business! I remember a dust sheet being put across the rear of the office to try and keep everyone and everything clean. I worked in the top office at the time with Richard (Webber) at the rear of the main office and I often watched him working with a cloud of dust swirling over his head! “

Richard, current Chairman of GTH, and Partner in charge at South Molton, praised Sandra’s long service and her invaluable contribution to the team: “Sandra is a real asset to both the South Molton office and GTH as a firm.  She is a font of local knowledge and seems to know almost everyone in the town, her experience, hard work and dedication is second to none.”

Sandra’s role is focused on “sales progression”.

“The best part of my job is to get a sale to exchange/completion and have lots of happy sellers and buyers. It is always nice to have lovely feedback from clients, you then feel you have done your job well. I also enjoy the camaraderie within the office which also makes your work day more enjoyable,” explained Sandra.

She has been delighted to see the firm flourish and expand over the years.

“At the time of opening I don’t think many people in South Molton and the immediate area (apart from local farmers) had ever heard of GTH so it was nice to be part of the team to help promote the firm in the area. I feel GTH is now firmly on the map particularly with another new office in Barnstaple having opened recently,” she said.

Sandra enjoys the varied nature of the estate agency business.

“Market conditions are always interesting for estate agents I feel, sometimes all good and other times challenging but you have to take the rough with the smooth and plough through as best you can at that time. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel,” she added.

In her spare time she enjoys dining out with friends and leisurely country walks.

“We are blessed with such lovely countryside, coastlines and moors in our area to enjoy - I never tire of the area I live in.  I enjoy flower gardening, not that I know too much about it, however in recent years I have also made attempts at growing vegetables and I get quite excited if any of them actually reach “eating point” without the caterpillars beating me to it!” she said.

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