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A Definite Spring in the Trade for March Collective Milk

March 2023

The trade of the day at Sedgemoor Auction Centre’s Lady Day Collective Sale was for high milk yields and stronger cattle with milk and close to calving heifers in strong demand throughout and despite recent falling milk prices no less than 40 lots sold for £2000 plus.

Herrod Dispersal
The decision to disperse their Pedigree Holstein Highmark Herd was not an easy one for Chris & Mandy Herrod, but having made the decision they were well rewarded at Sedgemoor Auction Centre on Thursday 16th March when a packed ringside saw their cows and heifers selling to a top of £2835 for the calved heifer, Highmark Topmodel Shirly.  Followed by £2730 x 4, to include another 2 calved heifers sired by Topmodel, Highmark Topmodel Wonder and Highmark Topmodel Idaho (VG86) and second calvers, Highmark Optimal Molly 2nd (VG86) and Highmark Michalak Valerie (VG85). 

Highmark incalf Heifers topped at £1890 for once again another heifer sired by Topmodel, Highmark Topmodel Valerie. 

A consistently strong trade throughout the catalogue for the all year round calving herd produced and excellent well deserved average to include all faults of over £2000.  The first robotically milked herd of the year to be dispersed produced the following excellent averages:- 
87  Dairy Cows (Inc. faults) £2027.40
10 Incalf Heifers £1538.25
97 Head (Inc. faults) £1834.50

Lady Day Collective Sale
Fresh calved cows topped at £2992.50 for the second calver Clenchers Montoya Cam from regular consigners, Rea & Son. Followed by another second calver at £2572.50, Peacehay Solomon Twenid 81st giving an impressive 60kgs+ a day.  

Rea & Son also topped the calved heifer section at £2835 for Ledbury Nihao Balise and Clenchers Michalak Bounty 3rd at £2730. DC Dennis & Son’s continued dispersal was close behind at £2677.50 for Dinnaton Tampa Lambda Justine. 

Another exceptional entry of 67 Incalf Heifers sold to £2100 for the continued dispersal of the Tarischka Herd with Tarischka Allegro Tweedledee from Hawkins Farm Partnership, others for the same vendor to £1890 with another continued dispersal for M Hooper & Sons selling to £1837.50 x 3. 

DJ Curtis continued his dispersal with commercial bulling heifers selling to 780gns with yearling heifers from JAW Bendall & Sons’ Pensdown selling to 650gns and 620gns x 2.  Over 50 heifer calves entered sold to 480gns x 4 for regular consigners JF Cobb & Sons.  Steanbow bred Jersey maiden heifers sold to £630 x 2 for Newman Farming Ltd.

A day which combined strong local support together with purchasers from Norfolk, Worcestershire, Wales and Cornwall both in the sale ring and online produced the following excellent averages. 
6 Dairy Cows £2284
21 Calved Heifers £1930
67 Incalf Heifers £1577.35
16 Bulling Heifers £711.40
21 Yearlings £509.50
52 Heifer Calves £438.80


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