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Another Sale topping entry from Peacehay

January 2024

A large entry of over 300 head to start the year with our January Collective Sale.  Entries included the Dispersal Sale of 46 British Friesians on behalf of IJ & ME Bailey from Ross-On-Wye and the final Dispersal Sale of over a hundred March / April calving LIC bred incalf heifers for JW Finding (Farms) Ltd. 

An impressive entry of collective fresh milk produced 24 cows and heifers selling for in excess of £2000, with regular vendors David & Ian Chave topping the day for the fourth collective sale running at £2730 for Peacehay Torpic Rachel 11th, a December calved heifer giving 32kgs daily, backed by 12 generations of straight excellence. She was followed by DC Dennis & Son’s Dinnaton Brennan Harvest Bluebell from their continued dispersal at £2362.50 and KJ & Mrs SC Grabham at £2310 with Kenham Outlay Daffy 67th, both of which were December calved heifers backed by multiple generations of VG & Ex. 

Other vendors who sold milking cows & heifers for over £2000 included PC Pocock & Co, Leweston Farm LLP, RK & SG Miller & Sons and MKJ Reed & Son. 

The incalf heifer section was topped at £1344 by LJ, ML & GJ Williams with StBridesValley Harvest Sheila, due to Hereford in February, closely followed by GH VM RA Pearce with a commercial Holstein Friesian heifer due in February to Friesian. 

Bulling heifers sold to £819 for Leweston Farm LLP with Leweston Hailed Baroness 2nd they also topped the yearlings with Leweston Altanavigate Kate at £840. 

Norwegian Red X calves sold to £420 x 3 for FAW Baker Kingston Farms Ltd. 

British Friesian non recorded commercial cows sold to £1344 for IJ & ME Bailey’s Dispersal with the LIC bred incalf heifers calving at 2 years of age in March / April topped at £966 for JW Finding (Farms) Ltd, 

The convenient location of Sedgemoor Auction Centre attracted over 30 successful purchasers on the day from Cornwall to Wrexham, Cheshire and Carmarthenshire as well as strong Dorset, Devon & Somerset support with buyers both in the ring and online creating the following creditable averages. 
Collective Calved Cows £1862
Collective Calved Heifers £2027
Collective Incalf Heifers £1,456
Collective Bulling Heifers £747
Collective Yearling/Younger Heifers £693
Norwegian Red X Calves £363

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