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Dispersal of 85 Pedigree Holstein Friesian Milkers

January 2024

The removal of the “Buston” Herd from Banbury Oxon by the Gardiner family to Sedgemoor Auction Centre was rewarded with an excellent company of buyers who had travelled from Cornwall to Warwickshire.  Strength and milk was in strongest demand on the day for this autumn calving herd which sold to £2,152.50 for the December 2nd calver Buston Lana 2nd giving 32.4kgs daily with the January 2nd calver Buston Geraldine 2nd giving 31.2kgs close behind at £2,047.50.

The herd always calves their heifers first during August and September and those with a positive pd sold to an advantage topping at £1,785 for the 49th member of the Anniversary family giving 26kgs.  August calved heifers sold to £1,575 for Teasel 30th giving 23.4kgs.

All cows forward including those with faults sold to average £1,511.66.  The 5 month calved heifers averaged £1,302.50 on the day again to include all faults.

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