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East Close Farms Herd Dispersal – Take 2 at SAC

April 2023

The second part of the two day dispersal for East Close Farms, Christchurch took place on Thursday 27th April at Sedgemoor Auction Centre, 48 hours after the sale of the commercial 11,000kgs milking herd the youngstock sold alongside the guest consignment of 158 maiden heifers from the Colgrove Partnership. 

After the quality of cattle sold and the fierce trade experienced for the first sale it was no surprise that numerous bidders returned to secure youngstock.

The incalf heifers calving at 2 years of age topped at £1995 and £1974 for spring calving heifers that followed in their dam’s footsteps, which sold for £2782.50 and £2625 respectively on the Tuesday. 

Bulling heifers sold to £861 x 5 for heifers sired by Denovo Sizzler ET, De-Su Flowrider, Seagull-Bay SR Stardust and OCD Lambeau with yearlings topping at £819 x 3 for heifers sired by Denovo Sizzler, De-Su 14049 Flowrider and a red and white heifer sired by Koepon Ritzy Red. 

Calves topped at £798 x 3 for red and whites sired by SHG Rainstorm Red and Koepon Ritzy Red.

The guest consignment of 158 autumn 2022 born heifers from the Colgrove Partnership, Cornwall topped at £787.50 x 8 for August ‘22 born heifers sired by Seagull-Bay-MJ Applejax, Maplehurst Circa, Schoene-Kuh Altarobert and Denovo 16294 Arena. 
The sale concluded the dispersal of over 700 head in just three days through Sedgemoor with a great team effort ensuring the smooth turnaround of the market to accommodate both the stock and purchasers. 

Buyers both in the ring and on Marteye made the most of the opportunity to secure large numbers of dispersal sale youngstock to generate the following pleasing averages: 
Incalf Heifers    £1668
Autumn Calving Heifers £1,371
Served Heifers £892.50
Bulling Heifers £791
Yearlings   £691.95
Yearling & Younger Heifers (The Colgrove Partnership)  £648
Heifer Calves £416


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