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Fifth Top Price in a row for Peacehay at SAC Collective

February 2024

Fifth Top Price in a row for Peacehay at SAC Collective
The February Collective Sale saw a clear demand for milk and strength and although no real highs it was a consistent trade throughout.  The day topped at £2257.50 for FH Chave & Son, who have now topped the monthly collective sales for the fifth time in a row! On this occasion, it was with Peacehay Denver Lulu 11th, a calved heifer with an impressive 13 generations of VG & Ex.
This month they shared the top spot with T C Cox’s commercial second calver giving 43kgs daily; MKJ Reed & Son’s Beaconhill Salt Venus (SP), a second calver giving 50kgs daily; DC Dennis & Son Ltd’s Dinnaton Flagship Harvest Dreamer, a calved heifer backed by multiple generations of VG & Ex and RK & SG Miller & Sons Moorshard Sideline Jodie, a calved heifer from the renowned Jodie family.
Dimond Farming Ltd had 2 calved heifers which sold to £2100 for Dorset Helix Eclipse and £2079 for Dorset Remedy Joy, backed by an impressive 13 generations of VG & Ex. The continued Dispersal of the ‘Kehnham’ Herd topped at £1995 x 2 for calved heifers, Kenham Jacob Nan 250th and Kenham Cyprus Bell 72nd. 
The sale included the Dispersal of Sale of 84 Pedigree Holstein Dairy Cows & Heifers from the “Blackstone” Herd for NI Herrod. The herd of strong pedigree Holsteins, averaging nearly 10,000kgs topped at £2205 for Blackstone Millington Eve, a heifer that calved back in April 2023 and was back in calf to Limousin for May. At £2100 for Blackstone Millington Garter, another heifer which calved in October 2023 due to Limousin in October. The demand for spring / summer milk was stronger than expected throughout the dispersal.
The incalf heifer section was topped by Angell Farming Ltd at £1554 with Pegasus Walka Dirkje due to their Fleckvieh X Stock Bull in April 2024, followed by by LJ, ML & GJ Williams with StBridesValley Missle Snowboots due to Hereford in Spring. 
Angell Farming Ltd also topped the maiden heifer section at £714 x 3 with Pegasus Cosmo Present, Pegasus Matrix Barb and a commercial heifer sired by Richaven Matrix. 
‘A’ Lot Calves sold to £367.50 for Olly and Rebecca Reed for Peridot Hardy Regina, a January 2024 born calf going back to Yardgrove Seagual Regina Ex92-3E, LP50, SP. 
A day which combined strong local support together with purchasers from Welshpool, Carmarthen and Gloucestershire both in the sale ring and online produced the following averages:
Collective Calved Cows                £1857
Collective Calved Heifers             £1848
Collective Incalf Heifers               £1262
Collective Maiden Heifers            £674
Collective ‘A’ Lot Heifer Calves    £263
Dispersal Sale (including faults)  £1492

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