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Shirley celebrates 30 years with GTH

May 2023

A dedicated member of the survey and valuation department marks 30 years with the firm this month.

Shirley Mitchell is a stalwart of the department and has been based in the Yeovil office, initially part-time while her sons were young, before going full-time as they grew older. Now she is proud Granny to her first grandchild, Auden, who was born last month.

Technology has rapidly advanced since Shirley first arrived when an electric typewriter was seen as pretty ground breaking compared to a manual one.

“Many colleagues I’ve worked with over the years have remained good friends and we sometimes reminisce about the good old days! 

“One or two, sadly, have passed on including Bernie Bartlett, our handyman before retirement, and dear Doreen Ash who joined R B Taylor & Sons and worked for many years in the print room - in the days when particulars and sales catalogues were produced on a Gestetner printing machine, which could be heard working no matter where you were in the building,“ said Shirley.

She has a particular soft spot for surveyor, Max Southwell, who she worked with for many years.

“While it was sad in a way when Max retired and we miss him in the office, I think at the age of 80 he deserved to hang up his dictation machine and damp meter and I know we all wish him a long and happy retirement,” said Shirley.

“No intention of retiring myself yet. I’m really enjoying working with Fiona and Ania (I couldn’t wish for better) and there’s always a friendly atmosphere around the office. I always say if you enjoy what you’re doing it’s not a job,” she added,

In her free time Shirley enjoys time with her grandson, cooking, gardening and cross stitch.


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