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6 Tips to Keep in Mind when Viewing a Property

When viewing a property you can often get wrapped up in the excitement of it, and forget some of the more practical concerns and questions you may have. In order to help you keep your mind on track about the important factors, and what to look for when buying a house or other property, we have come up with our  6 Tips To Keep In Mind When Viewing A Property. These tips can act as the foundation for your property viewing or house survey checklist. 

  1. Take your time - make sure you spend a good chunk of time viewing a house. 20-30 minutes at least so you can get a really good feel for the place.     
  2. Look at the structure of the building - walk around the outside of the house to check the exterior. Look for damp and hairline cracks in the walls, missing or loose tiles on the roof and broken guttering. If you find signs of a problem, ask questions to find out the cause and whether it will be fixed.     
  3. Confirm what land is included in the property - if there is any uncertainty over who owns a garden or parking space, make sure you find out the answer and get it confirmed in writing before committing to buy the property    
  4. Have a professional survey done - you should always have your own independent survey carried out in order to uncover any hidden issues with the house you are buying - we can help with this is you have any questions or require our services    
  5. Try to keep your emotions at bay - it is not always easy, but try to see the house as simply a building that needs inspecting. Don't get too attached early on or your heart might rule your head and cause you to overlook any problems.    
  6. Talk to an estate agent - if the property you are viewing is a serious contender, talk to the estate agent to find out more about it. Unlike the seller, we are legally obliged to tell you if there are any serious problems with the property. We can also answer any other questions that you may have.

What to look for when buying a house, or other property, does vary from person to person as everybody has different requirements. However, there are some fundamental questions to ask when viewing a house that apply to most properties. We hope that our 6 Tips To Keep In Mind When Viewing A Property has helped get you thinking about what to look for when buying a house or property. But if you are still uncertain about how to get the most out of viewing a property, or need help coming up with more ideas for a house viewing or house survey checklist, don’t hesitate to seek advice and guidance from your local estate agents.


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