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Volume Buyers Seeking Volume Milk

August 2023

David Thorner dispersed his much admired 11,000kg non-recorded flying herd of all year round calving cows from Beaworthy Devon at Sedgemoor Auction Centre on Tuesday 1st August.

Volume buyers seeking volume milk produced a trade where no less than 44 sold for over £2000 to a top of £2467.50 for the commercial fresh second calver. Followed by £2415 x 4 to include two fresh third calvers; Hadlow Bestman Waverly, a fresh commercial third calver and a calved heifer due to Blackbrook Rochester (Longhorn) at the beginning of September. 

The trade also saw British Friesians to £2362.50 for a fresh second calver, Ayrshires to £1764 for a third calver due to Lascaro Noop (Inra95) in January and Fleckviehs to £1627.50 for a second calver, also due to Lascaro Noop (Inra95) at the end of September. Fresh calved 6th and 7th lactation cows to £1942.50 x 3.

The recent drop in the barren cow trade had a marked effect on any cows with faults which were £200 per head down on similar sales a month ago.

The convenient location of Sedgemoor Auction Centre just of the M5 at Junction 24 attracted successful volume purchasers from Wales to Cornwall, generating the following creditable averages: -
Dairy Cows (ex faults) £1,638.00
Cows with faults £873.60
Head (including faults) £1,510.00

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