We were delighted to be recognised by winning a prestigious award from the Mayfair Group, the leading national network of independent estate agents and chartered surveyors.

The award, for the high volume of PR we achieved in the national press over the past year, was presented at the Mayfair Office awards ceremony at the RAF Club in London’s Piccadilly. The award reflects the importance of national property editorial and print advertising in the media today.

“We are really thrilled to receive this award,” commented Justin Lowe, Partner. “We understand the value of national editorial. It plays a critical role in the marketing mix. The important thing is that this editorial in newspapers such as The Times, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph and Financial Times, and magazines such as The Week, Money Week, Country Life and Horse & Hound, is not just for large houses. We have been able to gain great publicity for smaller houses too.

“Many estate agents now seem to be wholly reliant on the internet for enquiries. But important as the internet is, we know that millions of people read the national press and are influenced by it. Reading about a property fresh to the market in a major quality newspaper does have a huge impact and I don’t think that will change,” he added.

“National editorial can often be more potent than advertising. This is why our fifteen West Country offices work so closely with our marketing office in London to keep all our clients’ properties firmly in the public eye. Winning this award reflects how strongly we feel about extending the range of our marketing for our clients and encouraging more people to visit and make their homes in and around our beautiful part of the country.”