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Ash View Farm

Removal of agricultural occupancy tie

At a glance

  • Farmhouse subject to agricultural occupancy condition
  • The condition was preventing the sale of property
  • GTH prepared an application to have the condition removed
  • Application granted
The Brief

The GTH planning team was appointed to advise on a number of projects at Ash View Farm, near Glastonbury. The overarching aim of the instruction was to identify opportunities to enhance the capital value of the property. One such opportunity was to seek the removal of the agricultural occupancy condition from the farmhouse, which had been hindering the sale of the property for over a year.

The Result

The GTH planning team prepared and submitted an application to remove the agricultural occupancy tie. This involved preparing a Planning Statement and Marketing Report to demonstrate the property no longer supported an agricultural business at the site and that there was no demand for such accommodation from agricultural workers in the locality.

The comprehensive nature of the evidence presented a compelling case in favour of the application. This meant the Council was able to process and ultimately approve the application in a timely manner. The value of the farmhouse is estimated to have increased by 20% following the removal of the agricultural occupancy condition.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

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