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Wellington Meadows

Certificate of Lawful Existing Use or Development (CLEUD) to regularise residential occupation of mobile home.

At a glance

  • Client living in mobile home without planning permission
  • Council was threatening enforcement action
  • GTH secured a certificate of lawful use to clarify that no enforcement action may be taken
The Brief

Within an agricultural field outside of Wellington the Council was threatening enforcement action against an individual residing in a mobile home as the use did not benefit from planning permission. The GTH planning team advised that an application for a certificate of lawful use should be submitted as the individual had resided at the site for a period exceeding 10 years. The team prepared the application and worked with the client to compile sufficient evidence of occupation over the required period.

The Result

The application was supported by robust and compelling evidence that the mobile home had been occupied in its current position for a period exceeding 10 years. The Council therefore granted the application and issued a certificate of lawful use. This confirmed that the continued residential occupation of the mobile home may continue without the threat of enforcement. A subsequent planning application for the residential change of use of the site was also successful and included a larger garden area to enhance the enjoyment of the property.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

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